Ep. 405: Feat. Aniruddha Guha & Janice Sequiera


This week on Cyrus Says we have a crossover episode. Aniruddha Guha and Janice Sequiera of the podcast 'Mr. & Mrs. Binge-Watch' join Cyrus in the studio. The three of them talk about Janice's online show 'social media star' and put the stars she's interviewed through the Cyrus scanner, argue over what counts for an 'official remake', discuss about how spouses with different tastes in film and TV get along and Aniruddha recounts an interesting story from the first time he visited the Times Now office.

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Ep. 403: Let's talk about M.S.Dhoni (again) & The Ashes


In our first post world cup LANSO Cyrus is joined by journalists, film/tv critics & sports enthusiasts Aniruddha Guha & Janice Sequeira. Aniruddha has some strong opinions about Dhoni's place in the team and the Indian team's performance in the latter stages of the world cup and Janice notes how MS might be a victim of the 'senior cleansing' he brought about in the Indian team when he was captain. They also briefly discuss the upcoming Ashes series and how they see those matches going down. Tune in.