Ep. 436: India Unbeatable at Home

This week on LANSO Cyrus drags in Abbas to discuss about India's dominance over South Africa in the first test, Mohammed Shami's importance in the team, India becoming a side with formidable fast bowlers, Rohit Sharma's place in the batting order and touch upon the Sri Lanka vs Pakistan T20 game.

Ep. 433: LANSO - Is the Caribbean Premier League killing Tests in West Indies?


This week on the Cyrus Says cricket special LANSO - Left Arm Not So Orthodox, Cyrus is joined by comedian and podcaster Mikhail Almeida. Since it was a slow week for international cricketing fixtures the two of them briefly talk about the Sri Lankan team squaring off against Pakistan, and then talk about the ongoing Caribbean Premier League, and debate whether the crowds in the West Indies now prefer the shortest form of the game as opposed to the 5 day Test matches. (yes Cyrus does reminisce about the Vivian Richards era)

Ep. 430: LANSO - India vs SA T20 encounter & Zimbabwe's downfall


On this week's LANSO Cyrus is joined by fellow podcasters Karthik Iyer (sports enthusiast, Football addict) and Trupti Khamkar (actress, comedian). The three of them discuss the India vs South Africa T20 encounter, Rishabh Pant's position in the batting order and ZImbabwe cricket's fall in international cricket.

Ep. 427: Reviewing the Ashes, Afghanistan vs Bangladesh & Sri Lanka's abandoned tour


On this week's episode of LANSO Cyrus is joined by comedian and podcaster Aakash Mehta. They review the last Ashes test and the series overall, the Afghanistan vs Bangladesh match, and the zest with which the Afghan team plays and finally the Sri Lankan team pulling out of the Pakistan tour.

Ep. 421: LANSO - Whole Lotta Tests Goin' On

On this week's LANSO Cyrus and Abbas talk about how the West indies team crumbled against India in the test series and how the empty stands were disappointing, which is in deep contrast to the Ashes where some quality cricket is taking place in front of house full crowds. Cyrus also briefly touches upon the New Zealand's tour of Sri Lanka and how that series is turning out to be a competitive one.

Ep. 418: LANSO - The Summer of Stokes


On this week's 'Cyrus Says' cricket special LANSO, Cyrus is joined by comedian and podcaster Mikhail Almeida. They talk about the magnificent 3rd test between England and Australia and the superb summer that Ben Stokes is having. They try and trace the incident that got him into form and also discuss what changes the English and Aussie teams should make to get an upper hand in the next test. They also very briefly touch upon Ajinkya Rahane and Virat Kohli's performance in Antigua.

Ep. 415: India-West Indies Test Series & Steve Smith's Concussion


On this week's Left-Arm-Not-So-Orthodox Cyrus is joined by comedian and podcaster Aakash Mehta. The 2 of them talk about what might be in store in the upcoming India-West Indies test series and also the devastating spell by England fast bowler Jofra Archer against Australia in the second Ashes test. How was cricket history made because of Steve Smith's concussion? Find out by tuning into the episode.

Ep. 412: LANSO - India vs West Indies: change in seasons & who is Rakheem Cornwall?


On this week's 'Left-arm-not-so-orthodox' Cyrus is joined by comedian and podcaster Shreyas Manohar. The two of them talk about the India-West Indies ODI, Virat's century, the change in cricketing season in the Caribbean, and discuss Rakheem Cornwall and some other plus sized players in the past.

Ep. 409: Steve Smith's Triumph


On this week's LANSO Cyrus is joined by his producer Abbas Momin and they both fawn over one of the best cricketing comebacks of modern times- that of Australian batsman Steve Smith. The two of them discuss how the first Ashes test put on display everything great about test cricket and whether England could've batted through the 5th day.

Ep. 406: LANSO - Pumped for the Edgbaston Test


On this week's LANSO Cyrus is joined by comedian and writer Mukesh Manjunath. The two of them give their opinion and analysis of the Edgbaston test that kicks off the Ashes, how England is expected to perform in the light of the recent England-Ireland match, and Mukesh makes an argument about why Australia are the favourites to dominate the Ashes.

Ep. 403: Let's talk about M.S.Dhoni (again) & The Ashes


In our first post world cup LANSO Cyrus is joined by journalists, film/tv critics & sports enthusiasts Aniruddha Guha & Janice Sequeira. Aniruddha has some strong opinions about Dhoni's place in the team and the Indian team's performance in the latter stages of the world cup and Janice notes how MS might be a victim of the 'senior cleansing' he brought about in the Indian team when he was captain. They also briefly discuss the upcoming Ashes series and how they see those matches going down. Tune in.

Ep. 394: LANSO - Ind vs Eng Review: Let's Talk About M.S. Dhoni


In this week's edition of Left Arm Not So Orthodox (LANSO) Cyrus is joined by fellow IVM podcaster, lawyer and cricket enthusiast Amber Rana. Amber and Cyrus talk about India's loss against England, whether our World Cup campaign will dwindle a bit and address the M.S. Dhoni situation - is hepast hi prime? Should he have taken more chances in his innings against England? Tue in and find out.

Ep. 391: LANSO - India vs Afghanistan nail biter and dark horses Bangladesh


On this week's LANSO Cyrus and Abbas are in the studio discussing the close matches that happened in the week gone by. India's nail biting clash with Afghanistan that exposed the chink in India's middle order, West Indies' heartbreaking loss against New Zealand and Bangladesh emerging as the dark horse of the tournament.

Ep. 388: LANSO - Pak & Windies: Once champions, now fallen giants


On this week's episode of LANSO Cyrus joins us over the phone from Phuket (where he's apparently on a secret mission sent by the BCCI) and in the studio is the producer of Cyrus Says, Abbas. Both of them look back at the much hyped but ultimately very one-sided India-Pak match, and question whether the rivalry between the two teams is now becoming more of a myth. Cyrus also briefly touches upon the dominance of Bangladesh over the West Indies and gives his take on why the decline of Pakistan and West Indies cricket teams is bad for world cricket in general.

Ep. 386: Cock & Bull feat. Aakash Mehta, Amit, and Abbas


It's Cock and Bull time! Joining Cyrus is stand-up comedian & co-host of 'Varta Lab' and 'Waddaplayah' Aakash Mehta along with Amit and Abbas. They discuss Dhoni's glove controversy, Nikè introducing plus sized mannequins for their sports wear, the journalist arrested for defamation against the UP chief minister, Trump's Mars tweet and Kohli's school sending him soil from their grounds to England.

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Ep. 385: LANSO - India's dominance over Australia


The world cup fever on LANSO continues. This week Cyrus is joined by comedian Aakash Mehta. The 2 of them review the India Australia game, asses what factors led to our dominating victory and also discuss about India’s upcoming games in the league stage.

Ep. 382: LANSO - Wahab Riaz's spell vs. England & the India - South Africa encounter


It's full on World Cup fever on LANSO as Cyrus Broacha is joined by comedians Mikhail Almeida & Siddharth Dudeja (from the podcast 'Waddaplayah'). The 3 of them discuss the return of Wahab Riaz and the Pakistani team's 'bi-polar' nature both winning and losing games comprehensively. They also discuss the fairly open nature of this world cup, and pick favourites in the India-South Africa encounter,

NOTE: this show was recorded a day prior to the India vs. South Africa match.

Ep. 376: World Cup Preview - Will flat English wickets be the death of bowlers?


On this week's cricket special - LANSO, cricket writer and analyst Vivek Krishnan from The Fan Garage joins Cyrus to discuss what is up with the flat English wickets, do bowlers matter now that most games are averaging 650 runs? They also speak about the Bangladesh-West Indies encounters and Indian spinners.

Follow Vivek on twitter at @krishnanviv 

Ep. 373: LANSO: Mumbai vs Chennai - Final review


The tournament that cannot be named is finally over, and it went out with a bang. Joining Cyrus for this week's LANSO is comedian Mikhail Almeida. Cyrus & Mikhail discuss how the final was quite different from the rest of the tournament in that it was low scoring and close. Mikhail tells us how he happens to lose most of the iconic cricketing moments to sleep. They round off the conversation by listing their 3 most memorable moments from this year's tournament.

Ep. 370: LANSO: Nigel's kicking, Malinga's revival & who will lift the cup?


This week on our cricket special Left Arm Not So Orthodox (LANSO) Cyrus is joined by TV producer and cricket buff Mohit Mahale. The two of them start off by discussing what a thriller of a T20 tournament it has been this year, they then talk about the unruly behaviour of umpire Nigel Long, the play off teams left in the tournament, why the Mumbai-Chennai match is poised to be a close one, Lasith Malinga's revival, the correct place for Vijay Shekhar in the batting order and finally make a prediction for who they think will win the cup.