Ep. 368: Cock & Bull feat. Punit Pania, Aakash Mehta and Abbas


It's time for another Cock & Bull, and this time its 4 comedians on the panel (or at least comedians in their own eyes). Joining Cyrus are Aakash Mehta, Punit Pania (nursing a broken toe) and the usual suspect Abbas Momin. The four of them discuss a range of topics from the low voter turnout in Mumbai to the record shattering box office of Avengers: Endgame, to sense of humour (or the lack of it) in politicians to political funding, contraceptive jewellery and much much more.

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Ep. 367: LANSO: The Mumbai-Kolkata match, Andre Russell's comments & the top 4 teams


On this week's episode of our cricket special 'Left Arm not So Orthodox' - LANSO Cyrus is joined by stand-up comedians Aakash Mehta & Punit Pania, They discuss Steve Smith's performance as skipper, the Mumbai & Kolkata match which Mumbai lost, the weird colours of the Rajasthan team, which teams are likely to take the top 4 spots and test Punit's knowledge of the current roster of IPL players.

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Ep. 267: Cock & Bull Feat. Amit and Aakash


This week on Cock & Bull, Cyrus is joined by Amit and Aakash Mehta, co-host of the Varta Lab podcast.
The trio end up preempting the Game of Thrones-esque drama of the Karnataka Elections of 2018, define the word 'abetment' for everyone and tackle some amazing AMA questions.

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