Ep. 382: LANSO - Wahab Riaz's spell vs. England & the India - South Africa encounter


It's full on World Cup fever on LANSO as Cyrus Broacha is joined by comedians Mikhail Almeida & Siddharth Dudeja (from the podcast 'Waddaplayah'). The 3 of them discuss the return of Wahab Riaz and the Pakistani team's 'bi-polar' nature both winning and losing games comprehensively. They also discuss the fairly open nature of this world cup, and pick favourites in the India-South Africa encounter,

NOTE: this show was recorded a day prior to the India vs. South Africa match.

Ep. 374: Cock & Bull feat. Mikhail Almeida, Amit and Abbas


It's time for another rip roaring edition of Cock & Bull! Joining Cyrus this week are comedian & writer Mikhail Almeida (no relation to the Mikhail that's the fruit of Cyrus' loins) and the usual suspects Amit Doshi & Abbas Momin. The four of them discuss the PM's bizarre comment about clouds and radars in a TV interview, Gautam Gambhir being accused of distributing defaming pamphlets against Atishi Marlena in Delhi, BJP activist Priyanka Sharma held for sharing a Mamata meme, prince Harry and Meghan's first child, and a South African man held for duping KFC for a year.

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Ep. 373: LANSO: Mumbai vs Chennai - Final review


The tournament that cannot be named is finally over, and it went out with a bang. Joining Cyrus for this week's LANSO is comedian Mikhail Almeida. Cyrus & Mikhail discuss how the final was quite different from the rest of the tournament in that it was low scoring and close. Mikhail tells us how he happens to lose most of the iconic cricketing moments to sleep. They round off the conversation by listing their 3 most memorable moments from this year's tournament.