Ep. 360: Feat. Cyrus Oshidar


It's an abundance of Cyruses on this week's episode as MD of 101 India, creative director of Bawa Broadcasting and the man who put Mtv India on the map Cyrus Oshidar is in the studio. In this crazy episode the 2 Cyrus' talk about:

  • Oshidar's early days in London, his stints at the London School of Economics & working in a bank,

  • How staying with a Gujju aunty gave Mtv India its iconic tagline

  • Oshidar's past as a writer of erotica.

  • What was the "Mtv style" promo

  • What led to the creation of 101 india
    and more...

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Ep. 145 feat. HaikuJAM's Dhrupad Karwa

On this episode of Cyrus Says, 24-year-old app developer Dhrupad Karwa talks to Cyrus about:

  • How he started his first entrepreneurial venture at the age of 14.
  • How he grew up in the UK and yet turned out cool.
  • The birth of HaikuJAM and the way it functions.
  • Why he is inspired by Pixar so much!

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