Ep. 340: Valentine's Day Special feat. Ayesha Broacha, Kunal Vijayakar & Amit Doshi


It's a VD special (that's Valentine's Day and NOT venereal disease) on Cock & Bull. Joining Cyrus on this episode is Ayesha, his real wife and Kunal, the man many people believe to be his wife. To add more fun to the madness Amit Doshi joins in. Over the course of roughly an hour Cyrus recollects the last romantic Valentine's date he and Ayesha had, Ayesha and Kunal reveal if Cyrus really is a cheapskate, the trio reveal their V-Day plans for this year, and we round it off with a 'normal' cock & bull topic along with the AMA's.

NOTE: Earphones/headphones recommended, because with such strong personalities on the panel you can expect the volume levels to go way up at any moment.

Please listen till the end to get a sneak peak at a new IVM show about dating also launching on 14th February called 'Dating is Garbage' hosted by Jaanam, Surbhi and Abbas, Check out the full episodes of that show here: http://ivmpodcasts.com/dating-is-garbage

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Ep. 271: Cock & Bull Feat. Amit and Kunal


On this episode of Cock & Bull, Cyrus is joined by Amit and Kunal. Together they try to come up with solutions for:

  • How the bookies can help make IPL more interesting.

  • How to tackle the Nipah virus.

  • The right way to conduct a sting operation.

  • How to drive a Tesla in Europe.

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