Ep. 185 feat. Comedians Sonali Thakker and Pavitra Shetty

On this episode of Cyrus Says, we meet two really funny ladies, Sonali Thakker (@SonaliThakker on Twitter) and Pavitra Shetty (@pavie_shetty on Twitter).

Tune in to listen to them chat about:

  • Sonali's love for elaichi bananas.

  • Pavitra's crush on her OLA driver.

  • Why dancing lessons are important before doing comedy.

  • Why they are tired of being asked of what it's like to be female comedians in India

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Ep. 160: feat. Comedienne Radhika Vaz

We couldn't have asked for a better guest as we celebrate the Women's Month Special on Cyrus Says. In her classic unapologetic manner, the comedienne opens up about her approach to feminism and comedy.

Some interesting tidbits from the episode:

Radhika - I think in India we have a lot of Malabar Hill Feminism.

Cyrus - Too much. Mrs Sharma doesn't have a job but has a lot of problems like her hair colour is going faster.

Cyrus - Your should introduce your show Unladylike, and it should just be me.


Radhika - The only thing India has going for it right now, is that it's not Pakistan.


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