Ep. 444: feat. Roshan Netalkar


This week on 'Cyrus Says', Cyrus is joined by Roshan Netalkar, Founder & Managing Director, Swordfish Events and Entertainment. Cyrus asks Roshan about his fascination toward marine life, what exactly is the 'Swordfish' and how did he become an entrepreneur. Roshan talks passionately about his love for music and how he curated India's two of the most iconic music festivals: Ladakh Confluence 2008 and India's greenest music festival, Echoes of Earth. He explains the hard work and mindset of people who work into events and curate these gigantic festivals.

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Ep. 134 feat. Travel-junkie Vikrant Chheda

On this episode of Cyrus Says, Vikrant Chheda of White Collar Hippie (@WhiteCollarHipp on Twitter), joins Cyrus to talk about:

  • The inspiration behind his 'hippie' appearance.
  • How White Collar Hippie came to be.
  • Why he doesn't book return tickets for his trips.
  • How he plans to make travelers out of tourists.

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