Ep. 159: feat. Musician Sona Mohapatra

This week, we kick off the Women's Month celebrations on Cyrus Says. The first guest to feature this month is Sona Mohapatra, one of the most talented musicians in India.
Sona is not only renowned for her outspoken nature but now also holds the record for also for not letting Cyrus speak for over two minutes.

Some interesting tidbits from the episode:

Cyrus - For a gareeb desh (poor country), we have a lot of concerts.
Sona - I must correct you, we are not a gareeb desh. There's a lot of disparity, lot of haves and have-nots, but we aren't gareeb, not even by a country mile.

Sona - I know I'm not an easy person to digest.
Cyrus - You're too blunt for an Indian. You'll do well in Europe.

Among some of her cherished performances, is the one with the BBC Philharmonic where they paid a tribute to the legendary RD Burman .

So listen up and tell us how you like the episode.
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Ep. 146 feat. Singer-Songwriter Papon

The latest episode of Cyrus Says features the one and only Papon, where the superstar musician talks to Cyrus about:

  • How he got into music from an early age but didn't pursue it for the longest time.
  • The inspiration behind his famous song 'Banao'.
  • His foray into Bollywood music and the why bad Bollywood music needs to stop.
  • Why hacky people sometimes get more fame than they deserve.

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