Ep. 347: Feat. Niveditha Prakasam


On this week's Cyrus Says, we have in our studio the winner of the reality show 'Queens of Comedy' - the witty, smart and super talented Nivedita Prakasam. Cyrus and Nivedita chat about her experience on the show, how growing up and dating is very different in small town India (much to Cyrus' disbelief), how a forwarded e-mail helped her qualify for the show, how her engineering skills might or might not help on an airplane and what she plans to do next.

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Ep. 112 feat. Comedian Rohan Joshi

On this episode of #CyrusSays, catch one of the founding members of All India Bakchod, Rohan Joshi (@mojorojo), in conversation with Cyrus.
They talk about Cyrus having extensively worked with Ashish Shakya, Rohan's journey from broadcast journalism to comedy, the initial days of AIB, Open Mics and other majorly funny stuff.

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