Ep. 435: Feat. Tej Brar


This week on 'Cyrus Says', Cyrus is joined by founder and managing director of Third Culture Entertainment Tej Brar. Tej talks to Cyrus about the upcoming Neon East music festival, the growing popularity of Indian electronica artists around the world, managing Nucleya and how he found him, how he got into event and artist management, the stories behind his many tattoos, his mixed parentage and living around the world, from Africa to Boston to Delhi.

Find out more about Neon East Festival here: https://insider.in/neon-east-fest-oct12-13-2019/event

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Here's the 'dead body' Bakra prank mentioned on the AMA's: https://www.voot.com/shows/bakra/1/364511/who-s-body-is-that/357457

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Ep. 118 feat. DJ Nucleya

In this episode of #CyrusSays, acclaimed DJ and music composer Nucleya (@NUCLEYA on Twitter) talks to Cyrus about:

  • How a career in music took him to the depths of brokedom.

  • The music he composed for three films that never released.

  • His inspiration for the award-winning album 'Bass Rani'.

  • That time someone at a party held a gun to his head.

  • His weird experience with fans in an elevator.

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