Ep. 169 feat. Senior Journalist Sidharth Bhatia

This week on Cyrus Says, Cyrus brushes up on his politics alongside senior journalist Sidharth Bhatia, Founding Editor of The Wire.

Apart from being a total chiller and highly informed, he also loves music and talks about his book India Psychedelic 

Go check out the Wire and support independent journalism in the world of Arnabs and Goswamis.

Ep. 163: feat. Author Milan Vaishnav

In one of our most politically sound episodes, Cyrus talks to Milan Vaishnav, senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington, DC, and author of When Crime Pays: Money and Muscle in Indian Politics.
They discuss politics from India and America and how corrupt politicians make it to powerful positions in both countries.

Some interesting conversations from the episode:

Milan - The three common things Texans say are: 1. Y'all.
2. Fixin' to.
3. the barbeque sauce they have in their kitchen


Milan - Donald Trump is proud that he doesn't read books. He says that he has a good gut.
Cyrus - He makes Napoleon seem like a nice guy.


Milan - You guys (in India) don't get irony.
Cyrus - Yeah for us irony was the British leaving.


Cyrus - Who are the shadiest politicians you've met?
Milan - There is this one don who owns a pet elephant that can shake hands. That's something.

Ep. 110: 69 Years of Independence

On this episode of #CyrusSays, Amit and Mae join the band wagon as they take on an independence day special with Cyrus. They talk about 69 years of Indian freedom, whether we're proud to be Indian, racial profiing at airports, mall security, and review a film neither of them have seen yet.

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