Ep. 356: Cock & Bull feat. Aishwarya Mohanraj, Amit and Abbas


Yes it is a Friday edition of Cock & Bull for a change. Joining Cyrus this week is stand-up comedian and girl who makes her parents famous on instagram - Aishwarya Mohanraj, along with usual suspects Amit and Abbas. The 4 of them discuss Brexit not exactly Brexiting, whether naked protests are effective, PM Modi's dig at RaGa for fighting a 'non-hindu' seat, Vineet Agarwal's "KAMAL KAMAL" speech, the Congress' manifesto, and since its Batman's 80th anniversary their favourite iterations of the dark knight.

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Ep. 149 The Year that Wasn't feat. Kunal, Kaneez and Gopal

With 2016 officially coming to a close (phew!), Cyrus talks to veteran comics and actors Kaneez Surka, Kunal Vijaykar and Gopal Dutt to discuss pertinent issues like bad accents, patriotic jingoism, PM Modi's amazing decisions. Fawad Khan's beautiful beard and more!

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