Ep. 165: feat. Electric Car Traveler Wiebe Wakker

On this episode of Cyrus Says, we meet a new-age traveler in Wiebe Wakker, a young man from The Netherlands who plans to travel all the way to Australia in an electric car, relying on the kindness of strangers along the way.

His project, Plug Me In  is a special endeavor to ensure that people realise there are alternative driving methods that do not deplete our already dwindling natural resources. If you can support him in any way, financially or with stay and food, then you definitely should. You can donate Here.

Cyrus catches up with Wiebe during his unplanned stay in Mumbai and learns about his journey so far and what lies ahead.
And of course, there is a silver lining to be found in the dark, cynical world. Turns out there are still some really kind people out there. Listen to Wiebe's story to find out about them.

Some tidbits from the episode:

Wiebe - I have to make 20 stops between Mumbai and Delhi. This lets me know the country better.
Cyrus - If you make 20 stops between Mumbai and Delhi, your body will be discovered somewhere! 

Wiebe - I am travelling without money.
Cyrus - Now you sound like an Indian.


Cyrus - Is there a demographic that comes forward to help you more often?
Wiebe - Yeah mostly it's men between 40 and 60.
Cyrus - Oh boy!