Ep. 183 feat. Photographer Atul Kasbekar

On this episode of Cyrus Says, renowned photographer Atul Kasbekar talks to Cyrus about:

  • How he hopes to educate young girls from across India.
  • What Project Nanhi Kali is all about.
  • The many hats he has worn over the years.
  • Who he thinks is the best Indian model to photograph.

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Ep. 161: feat. Educator Antara Ashra

Antara Ashra, our guest this week on Cyrus Says is a woman of change. She is the founder of the Future School of Performing Arts, a dance and performing arts school located in Mumbai.
She is an educator and dancer herself and is keen on helping kids from underprivileged background get exposure to the performing arts.

Some tidbits from the episode:

(Talking about educating dancers) My interest was more towarsd the older kids.
Cyrus - This would sound very creepy if it came from a man.


Antara - In a career like dance, you have to be willing to give hours and hours of your life.


Antara - We have this joke among teachers, that if you don't have a plan for your kids then they have a plan for you....
Cyrus - Antara, where's the joke?
Antara - The teachers will get this!