Ep. 162: feat. Journalist Menaka Doshi

Our last guest for the month of March is Menaka Doshi, a senior journalist who has played a key role in breaking several major stories. Being Cyrus's old friend, she definitely has some dirt on him and she doesn't hold her punches back.

Some interesting lines from the episode:

Cyrus - For a Peddar Road girl, Chakala is like a concentration camp.


Menaka - The L&T factory in Powai did not have loos for women.
Cyrus - That's because Larsen and Toubro were both men.
Menaka - There were very few women on the assembly line doofus, that's why no loos.
Cyrus - Doofus? Maine kya kiya!


Cyrus - So you were ruling the roost then.
Menaka - I wasn't ruling the roost.
Cyrus - Not you, the channel you egotistical woman.


You can read more of Menaka's work here.