Ep. 1 feat. Sridhar Venkatesh, Shoa Hiussain and Adarsh Munjal

On this Episode of Cyrus Says:

Cyrus and the panel discuss: 

  • The upcoming Bangladesh versus India quarter final match.
  • The Jerry Seinfeld show cancellation
  • Beef Ban in Maharashtra
  • Rahul Gandhi snooped on?
  • Implications of voice calling on Whatsapp

Our Guests: 

Sridhar Venkatesh - Entrepreneur @venkysridhar on twitter

Shoa Hussain - Independant Producer @foxeyskywalker on twitter

Adarsh Munjal - Food Critic @thebigbhookad on twitter or http://thebigbhookad.com

Aashna Rekhi - Celebrity Manager