So you want to be a podcaster?

At IVM we are always looking for new collaborators and you could next.

A few things to keep in mind as we start this process:

We love podcasts - we really really do - but we cant make every podcast we want to. This process is by necessity one where we talk to many creators but actually get started only on a few shows.

Another thing to keep in mind is that we are always in the middle of evaluating proposals, working on episodes, trying out pilots. When you submit an idea to IVM it is possible that we are already working on something similar, or have had a similar idea pitched to us. Any ideas you submit to us, you submit with the knowledge that this is the case.

If the previous paragraphs didnt scare you off lets get you started.

Step 1: Download the IVM Creative Brief from here

Step 2: Fill out the Creative Brief. Please change the name of the file to reflect the name of your show.

Step 3: Email the file to

Step 4: We will get back to you shortly.