Ep. 76: (Rebroadcast): India's Successes and Failures


It's Election week in India, and as we wait to see who will form the next union government and who will become our prime minister, it's a great time to listen to the words of Dr Jayaprakash Narayan again. This is a rebroadcast of Episode 76 of the Pragati Podcast.

ow should we think about India as a republic and as a democracy? What has India succeeded in doing, and where do we still have a long way to go?
Dr Jayaprakash Narayan, known to all as Dr JP, shares his realism and his optimism with host Pavan Srinath in the first Pragati Podcast episode of 2019.

Dr JP has been at the forefront of reform and change in India, as an outstanding IAS officer, as the founder of the Lok Satta Party, as an MLA in Andhra Pradesh, as a member of the Second Administrative Reforms Commission, as the founder of the Foundation for Democratic Reforms, and as a lot more. His contributions are visible in numerous legislations and a few constitutional amendments, along with decades of public debates and action.

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Ep. 46: You're Scaring the Nipah Out of Me!


What is the story behind the Nipah virus that has claimed 16 lives in Kerala? Where did it come from? How can we prevent it? Dr Shambhavi Naik joins hosts Pavan Srinath and Hamsini Hariharan to discuss the nitty-gritties of this new disease.

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