S02 E05: Tabata Tuesday - Workout 05


This monsoon, don't make the rains an excuse to skip your regular workouts and gym sessions. Join Coach Urmi for the next 13 weeks as she guides you through 4 minute long Tabata workouts. Yes, you heard it right just 4 minutes of super exciting, fun and challenging workouts. These workouts can be done at your home, the office or even while commuting. So, this monsoon #CoachUrmiHasYourBack!

TABATA is a form of workout that follows the High-Intensity Interval Training protocol. Each workout is 4 minutes long which includes 20 seconds of active workouts followed by 10 seconds of active rest. This protocol is followed for a total of 8 rounds. This training was first discovered by Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata.

Workout of the day- Reverse Lunges.
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