S02: E10: Mantra To a Successful Relationship


Whether it's the first week of dating or the tenth year of marriage, all relationships naturally hit rough patches. We've all seen couples whose relationships seem flawless even though no relationship is perfect. A healthy relationship takes a lot of time, patience, commitment, and loyalty.

This week on The Empowering Series, Zarina Poonawalla, Founder of Abbzoh Expertise Unique, Performance Coach and Motivational Speaker is joined by two guests: Theater Actor and Celebrity Personality- Benaf Dadachandji & Chinese Chef and Serial Entrepreneur- Norman Hou. Benaf, popularly known for her character Baby from the television show 'Baa Bahoo Aur Baby' dated Norman Huo for 10 years and recently got married to him. Together they talk about their 10 year relationship and the 'Mantra' for a healthy relationship. They also talk about the importance of commitment and loyalty.

Tune in to the episode for tips shared by Norman on how one should sustain, grow and evolve in a relationship.

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