S02 E07: Making The Big Switch


Ever felt like the job you once loved no longer makes you feel motivated or excited? Maybe it's not just the job but the entire industry you're into. You suddenly realize that you're not passionate about it and it's time to make a big switch in your life.

On this week's episode, host Zarina Poonwalla, Founder of Abbzoh Expertise Unique, Peak Performance Coach and Motivational Speaker is joined by Raachyeta Sharma, Co-founder of The Open Library Project & Publishing Infinity. They discuss making a big switch at your workplace, moving from being an employee to an employer, how one should be mentally prepared and be ready for shocks and surprises. They also talk about rejection, uncertainty and how one should be patient and not get edgy.

Zarina also shares 7 cheat codes on acing the big switch, and a lot more.

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