S02 E06: Ability to Adapt


Change and adaptability aren’t easy. In today’s work culture, change occurs faster than ever before. Due to this, developing the skill of adaptability and learning becomes particularly important. Developing new habits and new mindsets can be very difficult. Adaptability is key to satisfying and successful work life. It's seen that employees who adapt to change have more chances to achieve success.

On the sixth episode of The Empowering Series, host Zarina Poonawalla, Founder of Abbzoh Expertise Unique, Performance Coach and Motivational Speaker is joined by Amrut Dhumal, Co-founder & Chief Learning Officer, Mindseed Preschools & Vishwajyot Group of Schools. They talk about adaptability and learning at the workplace. Zarina also shares 7 cheat codes to ace the art of learning, relearning and adapting at work.

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