Ep. 57: How Ad Films Work: A Chat with Dharam Valia

While the film world has lights, camera, action... The advertising world has brief, PPT, ad (roughly). Some ads are better than others. Some of them are so well shot that you might actually stop in wonder and think how they were made (you know, a lot like films themselves).

This week, we look at how exactly this is done. We chat with Dharam Valia, who's been running Hungry Films for the last 3 years. Along the way, we take several potshots at advertising, make several poor jokes and glean into the future where digital ads with 'skip' are seen more than traditional TV ads. Oh and Dharam used to be the boss of 2/3 of Simblified - we'll leave it to you to work out which (Hint: Naren never worked in advertising).

Find Dharam at @dharamv on Twitter.

And the three sexy hosts on the show are Chuck (@chuck_gopal), Naren (@Shenoyn) and Srikeit (@Srikeit).

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