Ep. 120: We are all about VR today! Ft. Vyaas Shenoy


Virtual Reality is big - and that's, well, reality. Don't take our word for it, take CES' - look at the sheer number of products being revealed each year at the tech extravaganza by giant companies. And if you don't want to take their word for it, then how about taking the word of someone who's worked in this nascent industry? Joining the Simblified trio this week is Vyaas Shenoy - son of Narendra! Young Vyaas tells us about his experience in the field and the potential - right from medicine and training to, well, the naughty bits. This family-friendly* episode was a ton of fun for us to record, and we hope you enjoy it too - even virtually.

*Offer valid only if your family is the Shenoys.

It's an Indian podcast - probably the best to come from Malad West - that takes things that happen around us, and deconstructs them in a language you can understand, often surmounting several puns and PG Wodehouse references along the way. We aim to make you appear smarter during parties, job interviews, and dates.
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Ep. 76: A CES-spool of Gadgets, Technology and Needless IOT Things


Ah, Consumer Electronics Show. The annual excuse for tech companies to create new products we didn't know we needed, and to put semiconductors into places they really don't need to be. Join Chuck and Naren as they talk about what went down at the world's most anticipated tech expo. Your hunt for a wifi-connected toilet seat ends here!

Simblified is an Indian podcast brought to you by three fine young gentlemen - Chuck (@chuck_gopal), Srikeit (@srikeit) and Naren (@shenoyn). Say hello to us on Twitter! We aim to break down things to make you appear smarter. We succeed, sometimes.