Ep. 104: Oil's Well that Doesn't End Well: What Determines Petrol Prices?


As the petrol price is about to raise its bat to the pavilion as it nears its much-awaited century, Indians must be wondering... Hey, if oil around the world is getting cheaper, why are we paying more? (The more bhakt-oriented among us might argue that this is our way of swimming against the tide). In truth, oil prices worldwide are not as straightforward as your economics professor would like - there's a lot of geopolitics involved. In this rather gassy episode, our Simblified trio break down (much like crude oil into petroleum) the funda of oil prices and why India pays so damn much.

It's an Indian podcast - probably the best to come from Malad West - that takes things that happen around us, and deconstructs them in language you can understand, often surmounting several puns and PG Wodehouse references along the way. We aim to make you appear smarter during parties, job interviews and dates.
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