Ep. 100: #Simblified100 the Live Recording feat. Amit Varma and Varun Duggirala


Woohooo! We collectively raise our podcasting bats towards the crowd, who we affectionately call the MBA of Simblified listeners (to recall the collective term). For we have reached our century!

To celebrate, we did a live recording at Doolally, Khar on Aug 25! What's more shocking is that people actually turned up to see us make total arses of ourselves! It was a fabulous couple of hours, and you get here is an edited version of the show.

We talk about fake news - the history, the origins, we do an Irish drinking song, and we speak with the man who runs one of India's best podcasts, The Seen And The Unseen - Amit Varma! We also speak to Varun Duggirala of digital agency The Glitch - about content in the 21st century and why some things become more popular than others, and what the future holds.

The show was one of the most fun things the 3 of us have ever done! But we start off with the origins of Simblified and how a random idea about a music podcast with me and another friend led to the, um, well, whatever Simblified is today.

The three hosts would like to personally thank everyone who's ever been involved on the show - from our producers (Siddhant, Vageesh, Navin and long-suffering Abbas), the sound guys and graphic folks and everyone else at IVM podcasts (esp. Amit and Mae!), and of course - you people who listen and give us feedback and even read these descriptions.

You can find the visual references and slides referred to on the episode here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/bVVxpWMZqWGLSJnX9

Here's the video of the dancing uncle https://bit.ly/2PnFZ4v

On with the show, then. If you'd like to tell us what you think about the show, find us on Twitter: We're @chuck_gopal, @shenoyn and @srikeit!