Ep. 62: Yes, President

Did you know the President of India has a function other than being the answer to a GK question for 4th standard schoolkids? In this episode, Chuck and Naren look at what the President of India actually does, and how he / she gets picked for the job. Also, who's your pick for worst president ever? What's the difference between the President and PM? Why do some countries have a president that does nothing (India) and others have a president that does a lot but probably shouldn't (the US)? All this and more. Additionally, we also take a look at yet another tragic Whatsapp forward for the infamous Profundity of the Day section. Fans of Srikeit will miss him in this episode. Alas.

Join Chuck (@chuck_gopal), Naren (@shenoyn) and Srikeit (@Srikeit) for a good 'ol English cuppa-whatever-was-in-the-IVM-fridge.

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