Ep. 71: What goes behind Mood Indigo?


Every year, thousands... Lakhs, actually, of people look forward to IIT Bombay's annual cultural festival in December, Mood Indigo. It's a massive show that sees engineering students (and then some) from all over briefly forgetting Fermat and Mass Transfer and focusing on rock shows, events and informals. As one can imagine, pulling off an event of such scale is a huge process that starts way back in April itself. Simblified speaks to Karan and Chaitanya from the current Mood Indigo organising team to learn how it's done and it's a fascinating chat!

While entry to Mood Indigo is for students, anyone can attend the famed pro nite concert, which this year, will feature British progressive metal giants Haken (much to Chuck's glee). Tickets here: https://insider.in/haken-livewire-nite-at-mood-indigo-dec22-2017/event

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