Ep. 45: Rebroadcast: A Chat About NH7 Weekender with OML's Vijay Nair


With the country's most anticipated music festival coming up in a couple of weeks (Dec 8-10), we thought now would be the perfect time to re-broadcast an episode we did this time last year: An interview with Vijay Nair of OML Entertainment, the company that runs the NH7 Weekender. It's a fascinating conversation that talks about what it takes to put together a music festival and the independent music scene. There are hilarious anecdotes from Vijay's earlier days when he used to manage Pentagram and their trip to Estonia (!). If you're a fan of OML's work, or music festivals, or entrepreneurship, you'll enjoy this chat!

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Check out Weekender at https://insider.in/nh7-weekender

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