Ep. 31: Chatting up the Craft Brewsters: Ansh and Shailly

If, like Chuck and Naren, you like your tipple - you will love this episode. Oh, we're not talking mass-manufactured swill here - we're talking about craft beer - the most glorious liquid to come on planet Earth since water. Ansh Seth from Brewbot (Andheri) and Shailendra Singh of Independence Brewing Company (Pune) chat about how they got started, how craft is different from everything else, the process of making beer, challenges and a lot more. It's a fun, heady, frothy episode with hints of citrus, clove and orange peel with a lovely aftertaste that leaves you wanting more, and can be enjoyed with any food.

This episode was recorded just before the Brewbot Beer Weekender in Andheri on 6/7 August. Chuck went and let's just say he had a very happy birthday.
Wanna say happy birthday to Chuck? He's at @chuck_gopal. Want to send Naren marriage requests? Try your luck @shenoyn.