Ep. 07: Getting on the gravy(tational waves) train

Simblified is back, after being able to con one of India's largest podcast networks (Indus Vox Media)into signing us on! So look forward to the same nonsense but with improved frequency (apologies) and better audio quality! Wooo!

This week, we look at a whole host of things, including:

Gravitational waves - what the heck are they and why should I care?
Should we be worried about Trump getting a Nobel Peace Prize?
Takeaways from the CES (And, what on earth is the CES?)
Article of the week: How General Motors stole Tesla's thunder (www.wired.com/2016/01/gm-electri…y-bolt-mary-barra/)
A new section where we look at the etymologies behind some words and places (aka how to impress your date)

We hope you enjoy this (longer than usual) episode.

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