Ep. 47: Simblifying the year 2016, Part 1

 Now that was a fairly horrible year, wasn't it? From all those folks dying, to a wackjob becoming president of the Philippines (oh, and another one of the US), to the fact that the Kya Kool Hai Kum franchise is still going strong. But hey, there have been several other things to talk about as well. We on Simblified attempt to do a quick recap of the year and help to get you up to speed in case you have conversations on the year go by (impress people with your knowledge of things that happened in January to elicit an 'oh yeaaaaaaaaaaah!').
Also, on this episode, we're proud to introduce a new co-host: Srikeit! Simblified loyalists will know we interviewed him two episodes back when he told us about Wikipedia. So yeah, 50% more crock every week!
And of course, Naren and Chuck are available at @shenoyn and @chuck_gopal in case you need to send them Christmas presents and rocks.
Happy new year :D