Ep. 46: When pigs, er, cars fly!

Stuck at Western Express Highway or Silk Board junction? Wishing there was a better way to commute? Well, thanks to Uber, that might just happen! The app most commonly known for the 'gig economy' and making startup news has recently released a massive document outlining a future where flying cars are as common but more useful than selfie sticks.

Join Chuck and Naren as they dig into this fascinating world of VTOL vehicles - how they work, why this is important, will we crash into each other, whether this means Koramangala will finally be bearable, and lots more. No better place to listen to this than while stuck in traffic.

If you're interested in flying cars (or the Jetsons) enough to read the full document, here you go: https://www.uber.com/elevate.pdf

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