Ep. 45: Behind the NH7 Weekender: A chat with Vijay Nair

For seven years, music fans across the country have been looking forward to the Bacardi NH7 Weekender. This is more than a music festival, it's come to become a movement and celebration of all types of music, and has become bigger year-on-year! From a crowd of 'scenesters' in 2010 to 1.25 lakh people across 5 cities in 2015; from just Pune to traversing all across the country - the Weekender has set standards in terms of how a music festival should be in India.

And Chuck doesn't say all this just because he works at OML (who brings out the Weekender). Or because he's a Weekender megafan who hasn't missed a single day of Pune. No.

This week, we're super-proud to have a scene legend, the CEO of OML - Vijay Nair - with us. We talk about what inspired him to start the Weekender, what it takes to build a festival like this, and how artists are billed. If you're a Weekender fan - or just want to get inspired really (and not necessarily because of Naren's poor jokes) - listen!

Follow Vijay on Twitter at @vijay_nair and come to the Weekender in Pune (Dec 2-4, 2016) by picking up tickets here: insider.in/event/bacardi-nh7-weekender-2016-pune-dec2-4