Ep. 11: Dr. Marcus Ranney


Welcome to Paperback by The Open Library Project.

We have as our guest today, Dr. Marcus Ranney, General Manager at Thrive Global, anInitiative by Huffington Post. In the first half of the podcast we deep dive into Homo Deus byYuval Noah Harari and our interaction with Prof. Harari during his visit to Mumbai.

In the second half we also discuss A brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking, Extremes by Dr. Kevin Fong, Inner Engineering by Sadhguru and Famous People’s Famous Speeches.

In the conversation with Dr. Ranney, we discussed his experience as a medical officer at NASA and the Royal Air Force, his immense love for fitness and well being, his interactions with Sadhguru and his take on spirituality. And Yes! How he won the Guiness Book of World Record for backwards running.

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