Ep.77 feat. Mohit Mukhi Trio

On this week’s episode, we have our first repeat guest in singer-songwriter Mohit Mukhi (who featured on Ep.4)! Now as a trio along with Heather Andrews on violin & vocals and Rahul Wadhwani on keys, he talks about his journey from solo artist to now playing with a band, how his songwriting process has evolved as well as why melancholy is important in music. He’ll be showcasing new music from his album “Running Shoes and a Thousand Dreams” released earlier this year so catch it all on Maed in India! Opening the episode will be a stripped down session by funk, blues, gospel, jazz songstress Bianca Love who featured on Episode 72 of Maed in India.

Bianca Love
‘Homegrown Blues’

The Mohit Mukhi Trio
‘Until We Fade’
‘Maybe This Time’
‘In My Hands'

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Ep. 59 feat. Aarifah Rebello

Pop singer-songwriter and all-round awkward flower Aarifah Rebello headlines this week's episode. Formerly known for being the "awesome drummer girl from Sophias", over the course of performing at a variety of open mics she has graduated from whispering her songs on stage, to full on sultry singer. Listen to her perform her unreleased music, talk about her current band all-girl pop-rock outfit The Bassic, as well as her own band to perform her music. Kicking off the show, Hindi singer-songwriter NIrmika Singh who featured on Ep.27 of Maed in India, threw us an extra little ditty just for you.

Nirmika Singh

Aarifah Rebello
'Don't Rush'
'No Stopping Me'
'Hey, Good Evening'

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Ep. 57 feat. Mali

This week I’ve got pop singer-songwriter Maalvika Manoj aka Mali. A young girl from Chennai who moved kit and kaboodle to Bombay with nothing but her music and her dreams. After her smattering of gigs around Bombay, and the release of her single 'Walk Away', she garnered the attention of music festival organisers and the likes of music directors Salim Merchant and Harris Jayaraj. Listen to her perform her unreleased music, talk about her debut album Deception, why she moved to Bombay, and how we met at a band hunt in Chennai. Kicking off the show, I have an original song by one of the biggest cover bands in India, The Other People who featured on Ep.6 of Maed in India.

The Other People
'Never Mind'

'Walk Away'

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