Ep. 133: Best of 2017


For the first episode of 2018, Mae has decided to look back at the best performances of 2017 on Maed in India. Across the show, she takes you through her highlights for the year, her favourite songs and she even gets a little emo about her life and times on Maed in India. You'll also get a chance to hear music from the biggies like Apache Indian, Indian Ocean & Uday Benegal to up and comers like Aditi Ramesh, Bone Broke and The Yellow Diary. So sit back, relax and listen.

Apache Indian - 'I Pray'
Ranjit Arapurakal - 'Nothing is Real'
Bone Broke - 'You Run'
Aditi Ramesh - 'Small Fish In a Big Pond'
Indian Ocean - 'Maa Rewa'
Chayan & Smiti - 'Mindfire'
The Yellow Diary - 'Marz'
Uday Benegal - 'Fireflies'
Dossers Urge - 'Erase'
Blackstratblues - 'Renaissance Mission' (Live)
Tejas - 'Falling Out'
DCF vs Madfingers - 'Untitled Jam'

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