Ep. 130: Alluri


On this week’s episode, we have singer-songwriter-composer Alluri! He is an artist who hails from Hyderabad, broke his musical career in the UK with his Brit indie rock sound, and now he’s back in the motherland with a plan to release a full Telugu album with his unique indie sound. Opening the show will be Delhi singer-songwriter and guitar-spanker Dhruv Vishvanath who featured on Ep.82 of Maed in India.

Dhruv Vishvanath

‘ఎందుకలా / Endukala’ (Lovers No More)
‘బాల్యం / Baalyam’ (The Lost Irredeemable Magical Weirdness of Childhood)
‘అనుభూతి / Anubhuti’ (Lost Opportunity)
‘All the Women’

'We're Gold'

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