Ep.90: Ladies Special: Part I

For the next two weeks on Maed in India, as part of Women’s Day Celebrations, we’ll be featuring all the women from the series so far! We have lady singer-songwriters, lady rappers, lady bands, women of all shapes, sizes and musical genres, so tune in and discover those women making their mark today in India’s Indie Music scene.

Vasuda Sharma - ‘Kya Hai Dar’ (Ep.14)
Kamakshi Khanna - ‘Moved by Stillness’ (Ep.85)
Zamee - ‘Ćerkice - Pakhi re pakhi’ (Ep.83)
Rebecca Nazz - ‘Step’ (Ep.43)
Chayan And Smiti - ‘Mindfire’ (Ep.84)
Hard Kaur - ‘Missing You’ (Ep.74)
Alisha Pais - ‘Purple Heart’ (Ep.18)
Nirmika Singh - ‘Khilauney’ (Ep.27)
Mali - ‘Rush’ (Ep.57)
Kaly Aani - ‘Noises in my Head’ (Ep.66)
Zoya - ‘Swim’ (Ep. 20)

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