Ep. 50 Best of Maed In India

 It's my 50th episode!! And this week I bring you the best of Maed in India across the last 49 episodes which is a smorgasbord of music from indie rock, to folk, fusion, punk, hip hop, blues, reggae, pop and more. I've had the privilege of hanging out with some brilliant musicians from across India and I am so happy showcasing some of the best music coming out of this country. I would have loved to play you ALL the songs from every single episode, but for now here is a sample of what Maed in India is all about.

Gowri - 'WaterLilly'
The F16s - 'Blackboard'
The Tripp - 'Minor Blues'
Rebecca Naz - 'Step'
Vernon Noronha - 'Come Back Jack'
Warren Mendonsa - 'Folkish Three'
Nikhil D’Souza - 'Waiting for the Sun'
Zoya Mohan - 'Swim'
Punk On Toast - 'For Hire'
Barefaced Liar - 'Chocolate'
Aditya Balani - '1979'

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