Ep. 09 feat. Maed in India Ankur Tewari

Ready to discover some new music? We've got something that will hit the spot, ever spot, on Episode 9 of our indie music podcast. We have indie rockers Ratify from Chennai, ambient electronica from New Delhi thanks to Tankbund and even dream pop from Nischay Parekh from Kolkata. Our headliner, though, will crack you up and keep you wanting more. It's Ankur Tewari (minus the Ghalat Family). If you only know him from his Bolly forays, this is the episode you've needed to hear. 


Nischay Parekh (dream pop singer/songwriter from Kolkata)
Song: I Love You Baby, I Love You Doll
Album: Ocean

Ratify (indie rock artist from Chennai)
Song: Canopy
Album: Ratify

Tankbund (ambient electronica project from Delhi)
Song: Gaffe
Album: Tankbund

Ankur Tewari (Hindi singer-songwriter)