Ep. 16 Maed in India feat. Tejas Menon

This week’s podcast brings an acoustic pop artist and adorable Mallu boy next door, Tejas Menon as our headliner. Along with that is a delectable morsel of indie that landed in Mae’s lap all the way from Chennai by the name of Adam And The Fish Eyed Poets. Stirred in to the pot is an artist who had the best selling indie album last year, according to OK Listen -  singer, composer & guitarist Bipul Chettri. The cherry on top is one of Mae's favs by Pune electronica act Big City Harmonics. 

Big City Harmonics (Electronica act from Pune)
Song: Lo Fi Funkaround

Adam And The Fish Eyed Poets (alternative post-punk band from Chennai)
Song: This Week Calling
Album: More Songs from An Island

Bipul Chettri (Nepali folk fusion artist)
Song: Syndicate (preview)

Tejas (acoustic pop singer-songwriter)