S02 E10: Siddhant and Kiran


On this episode, Navin talks to Siddhant More and Kiran, who identify as transmen. Siddhant opens up about how he underwent sex reassignment surgery and how his friends supported him, while Kiran opens up about his passion for the queer community and how he too hopes to fully transition into a male.Tune in to listen to their inspiring story.

In the Culture Vulture segment, Farhad recommends some movies that fall in the STD Horror genre.

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Ep. 10 feat. Aditya Joshi

In the latest episode of Keeping it Queer, Aditya Joshi, a PHD student and activist, talks about how he was called names for being different, why his sister-in-law created a fake dating profile, why furry bears are here to stay and most importantly, how he started the Sathi connect cell in IIT Mumbai.

Some interesting conversations from the episode:

Aditya - I was focusing on my studies primarily as a way to escape the bullying at school.


Navin - So what is the general consensus about the LGBT community in the IIT sector?

Aditya - A survey recently showed that 93 percent of IITians felt that there should not be a low that discriminates against people based on their sexual activity. Most of them were supportive but around 50 percent said they don't want a gay roommate.


Aditya - We had many of these orientations where I would stand on the stage and talk to a bunch of new students, telling them that I'm gay. And telling them that if they need help they can connect with me. It helped me grow and become more confident.


Aditya - The benefit that Saathi really achieved is that it spawned a lot of similar groups in other IITs and colleges.


Aditya - When somebody is a good student it is easy to accept that they are gay. Where do the bad students go?