S02 E24: Ishmeet Nagpal


On Keeping it Queer this week, Navin talks to gender rights activist, writer and poet Ishmeet Nagpal. She is also the Co-Founder, SXonomics and works with Save the Children, India.

She opens about:

  • Her journey with fighting for women's rights and her experiences of being stalked and harassed in Harayana.
  • How incels are coming in the way of women's freedom and rights.
  • How society pressurizes women, irrespective of the different stages in life.
  • The real reasons behind acid attacks.

Ishmeet tweets at @IshmeetNagpal

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On the Culture Vulture segment, Farhad and Navin couldn't help but bring up the aunty who says, "Hi friends, chai pilo!" What a rage! The two of them also discuss lesbian-centric pop-culture and lots more!

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