S02 E30: Ashok Row Kavi


On the season finale of Keeping It Queer, Navin speaks to one of India's early LGBT activists; journalist and writer, Ashok Row Kavi. Ashok is credited to having founded India’s first LGBT magazine in 1990 - Bombay Dost and The Humsafar Trust in 1994.

He discusses:

  • His early days as a gay journalist and writer in the country.

  • How he came out in a Hindu monastery.

  • The queer community as part of the Indian pop-culture culture.

  • The politics of shame.

On the Culture Vulture segment, Navin and Farhad discuss some of their worst experiences on dates they've been to and share their cynical thoughts about relationships and casual equations. They end the segment and the show with some pop-culture recommendations about love, family and relationships.

Ashok is on twitter as @Amma29

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