S02 E26: Sex Rated with Esha and Sneha


On Keeping it Queer this week, Navin and Farhad talk to Esha Paul and Sneha Nair, the producers of the series, Sex Rated: A Vice Guide to Sex in India. 

They talk about:

The notions of sex they had, growing up.

The sex toys they have used and the different props they discovered while working on the series.

How the four of them were first exposed to porn and content about sex.

What the state of porn is in the country and how there are attempts being made to curb porn addiction.

How there are certain groups that educate and come together discussing BDSM, kink and of course, consent.

Talking about all things sex in this episode, the Culture Vulture segment is all about recommendations of some cool and much more needed content about positive sex!

Esha tweets at @eshapaul4 , Sneha tweets at @snehanair13

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