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What did those three hundred individuals who drafted the Indian Constitution want India to be? How far or close are we to achieving that radical vision of liberty, equality, and freedom shown by BR Ambedkar? These ideas sound great but what does it really mean to us, what is a constitution and how does it affect us as we go about living our lives?

The Longest Constitution podcast is about the people of India and their Constitution. And achieving the constitutional vision of freedom, equality, and dignity, doesn't come without a fight. This show is not about just leaders and prime ministers, but husbands and wives, feminists and forest dwellers, dissidents, and lawyers. And it is up to us Indians to fight, debate, argue, and achieve these visions.

Every week, The Longest Constitution, gives a small peek into what the ideals, provisions, and laws of our constitution mean. From taxes to language, Government to workplace, reservations to religious freedom, host Priya Mirza looks at the machinery of the Indian constitution, public rights, and ‘we the people'.

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