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Why do we vote? What is an influencer? What do the bureaucrats do, exactly? How do the courts function? So many seemingly daunting and important questions, which have even more complicated answers. But what if, there was a way to simplify these answers, and explain them in a way that a 10 year old could understand? “Explain Like I am 10” does just that.

ELI10 tries to simplify the big answers in easy terms. The show features our host Meghnad, a public policy nerd, author, youtuber and a total enthu-cutlet, in conversation with an expert from a plethora of different fields. The show will also feature a “Union leader of spectators”, who will play the role of YouTube commenters, in human form! So tune in every Friday, on the IVM podcasts app, website, or wherever you get your podcasts from! 

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