Bombay, Paris and the improbable victory for LGBTQ+ rights in Ireland
Postcards From Nowhere with Utsav Mamoria
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In the early 1960’s, a young man from the Varad village on the Konkan Coast of India goes to study medicine at KEM Hospital in Bombay. Continents away in Paris at the Pere Lachaise cemetery, lies buried one of the finest playwrights and poets of the 19th century. A song by the Irish Punk Rock band - The Radiators releases a song that features one of the most iconic spots of Dublin. What connects these three diverging stories? This week, in the fifth episode of the series, Ireland Untravelled, we travel from Bombay to Paris to Dublin to discover the improbable story of the victory for LGBTQ rights in Ireland. Tune in, and discover, that how in just one generation, Ireland went from criminalizing homosexuality to providing the LGBTQ+ community with equal marriage and adoption rights.

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